The use of Raman spectroscopy in the characterization of variscite provenance: the Gavà case



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Title: The use of Raman spectroscopy in the characterization of variscite provenance: the Gavà case
Authors: Consorci del Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
Melgarejo, Joan Carles
Arqués, Laia
Villanova-de-Benavent, Cristina
Jahwari, Tariq
Torró, Lisard
Bosch Argilagós, Josep
Castillo-Oliver, Montgarri
Campeny, Marc
Amores, Sandra
Amdreazini, Aleu
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Keywords: Espectroscòpia Raman
Spatial coverage: Gavà (Catalunya)
Can Tintorer (Gavà, Catalunya : Jaciment arqueològic)
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Citation: La parure en callaïs du Néolithique européen, p. 241-251
Publisher: Archaeopress
Extent: 11 p.
Abstract: The Gavà phosphate deposit, mined during the Neolithic, was produced by weathering processes affecting primary apatite beds. It exhibits a neat vertical zoning, related to chemical gradients during weathering. Strengite, yellowish Al-rich strengite and ferroan variscite are found at the top, palegreen variscite at the intermediate levels, and green variscite in depth. Fe values are very low in the greenish samples, as well as Cr and V. Raman spectrums of the Gavà variscite show differences with samples from other occurrences worldwide. Moreover, some spectral differences can also be observed in the Raman spectra of variscite coming from different depths in the deposit. Raman spectroscopy can be an efficient tool to discriminate not only samples from different geographical localities, but also from its original position in a given deposit. Key-words: variscite, Raman, microprobe, veins, supergene.
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