Caracterización de las mineralizaciones supergénicas del Complejo Minero Neolítico de Gavà: implicaciones en arqueología



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Title: Caracterización de las mineralizaciones supergénicas del Complejo Minero Neolítico de Gavà: implicaciones en arqueología
Authors: Díaz-Acha, Yael
Campeny, Marc
Borrell, Ferran
Bosch, Josep
Melgarejo, Joan Carles
Consorci del Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
Issue Date: 7-Jul-2021
Keywords: Variscita
Spatial coverage: Gavà (Catalunya)
Can Tintorer (Gavà, Catalunya : Jaciment arqueològic)
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Extent: 1 p.
Abstract: The Gavà Neolithic Mining Complex (Barcelona), treasures a network of mines built and operated between 5000-6000 BP (Borrell et al., 2015). This Neolithic complex shows a large-scale subterranean mining, with up to 15-m deep galleries. The main exploitation object was variscite, for ornamental use, although mineralizations are also formed by other supergenic phosphates (e.g. perhamite, crandallite, phosphosiderite), sulfates (e.g. jarosite, alunite) and clay minerals (Díaz-Acha et al., 2020). Distributed in vertical veins, these mineralizations were formed by a supergenic alteration process and are embedded in whitewashed shales by acidic meteoric fluids. The sampling and mapping of the mineralizations enable to characterize the mineral phases, showing there is a deep zoning associated with the alteration profile. From the study of Neolithic’s archaeo- logical pieces it has been observed that not only variscite was exploited, but also the other associated minerals (e.g. jarosite, phosphosiderite). Consequently, the correct characterization of these phases, and their relationship with the depth alteration profile, can contribute to a proper archaeological interpretation of the mining complex.
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