Especies ibéricas del género Troglohyphantes Joseph, 1882 (Araneae, Linyphiidae)



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Title: Especies ibéricas del género Troglohyphantes Joseph, 1882 (Araneae, Linyphiidae)
Iberian species of the genus Troglohyphantes Joseph, 1882 (Araneae, Linyphiidae)
Authors: Barrientos Alfageme, José Antonio
Prieto, Carlos E.
Castro, Alberto
Fernández-Pérez, Jon
Mederos López, Jorge
Brañas, Neus
Consorci del Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Keywords: Aranyes
Spatial coverage: Península Ibèrica
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Extent: 64 p.
Abstract: The available samples of the genus Troglohyphantes Joseph, 1882 in the Iberian Peninsula are reviewed; all of them from the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees (Spanish side). A new graphic characterization of the species found is made, and their possible affinities are discussed. The following synonyms are proposed: Troglohyphantes nyctalops Simon, 1911 n. syn. = Troglohyphantes cantabricus Simon, 1911; Troglohyphantes affirmatus (Simon, 1913) n. syn. = Troglohyphantes marqueti (Simon, 1884). Likewise, the mention of Troglohyphantes affinis (Kulczyński, 1914) is considered a “lapsus calami”. A new endemic species of the Cantabrian Mountains, Troglohyphantes machadoi sp. nov. and Troglohyphantes vasconicus sp. nov., are described. Thus, the species located in the Iberian Peninsula are: Troglohyphantes alluaudi Fage, 1919, T. bolivarorum Machado, 1939, T. cantabricus Simon, 1911, T. cerberus (Simon, 1884), T. furcifer (Simon, 1884), T. machadoi sp. nov., T. marqueti (Simon, 1884), T. orpheus (Simon, 1884), and T. vasconicus sp. nov. However, the internal variability of the “cerberus” group - subgroup “cantabricus” of Fage, which could contain new species that are morphologically poorly distinguishable, is confirmed.
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