Nomenclatural types of some Pyrenean and Iberian Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae)



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Title: Nomenclatural types of some Pyrenean and Iberian Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae)
Authors: Soriano, Ignasi
Ibáñez Cortina, Neus
Nualart, Neus
Consorci del Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2023
Keywords: Orobancàcies
Spatial coverage: Pirineus
Península Ibèrica
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Extent: 16 p.
Abstract: We present a list of nomenclatural types of 20 Pedicularis names at the specific or infraspecific rank present in the Pyrenees and/or the Iberian Peninsula. None of them has been explicitly typified to date. We studied materials from about twenty European herbaria, enabling us to locate and document the holotypes of seven of the names, as well as designate the lectotypes for 12 (a drawing in the case of Pedicularis lusitanica), a neotype for P. kerneri and an epitype for P. lusitanica. Other syntypes, isolectotypes and isoepitypes that could be located are also recorded in the list. Regarding the geographical origin, seven of the types were collected from the Pyrenees, such as those of the widespread P. pyrenaica and P. mixta, 10 from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula (three in Portugal and three in the Cantabrian range), and two from the Alps (those of P. allionii and P. kerneri, both also present in the Pyrenees). Finally, for the Cantabrian endemic plant first described as P. pyrenaica var. fallax, we propose the replacement name P. picoeuropeana.
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