Postfire biodiversity database for eastern Iberia



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Title: Postfire biodiversity database for eastern Iberia
Authors: G. Pausas, Juli
Álvarez-Ruiz, Lola
Baz, Arturo
Belliure, Josabel
Benítez, Guille
Ferrer-Gallego, P.Pablo
Herrando-Pérez, Salvador
Nicolau Jiménez, Joan
Laguna, Emilio
Mínguez, Eduardo
Montagud, Sergio
Outerelo, Raimundo
Roca, Vicente
Santos, Xavier
Velázquez de Castro, Antonio J.
Viñolas, Amador
Cifuentes, Julio
Gilgado, José D.
Consorci del Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
Issue Date: 2023
Keywords: Artròpodes
Conservació de la diversitat biològica
Spatial coverage: Mediterrani
Península Ibèrica
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Extent: 9 p.
Abstract: In the summer of 2012, two fires affected Mediterranean ecosystems in the eastern Iberian Peninsula. The size of these fires was at the extreme of the historical variability (megafires). Animals are traditionally assumed to recolonize from source populations outside of the burned area (exogenous regeneration) while plants recover from endogenous regeneration (resprouting and seeding). However, there is increasing evidence of in situ fire survival in animals. To evaluate the effect of large-scale fires on biodiversity and the mechanism of recovery, in 2013, we set up 12 plots per fire, covering burned vegetation at different distances from the fire perimeter and unburned vegetation. In each plot, we followed the postfire recovery of arthropods, reptiles (including some of their parasites), and plants for 2 to 5 years. Here we present the resulting database (POSTDIV) of taxon abundance. POSTDIV totals 19,906 records for 457 arthropod taxa (113,681 individuals), 12 reptile taxa (503 individuals), 4 reptile parasites (234 individuals), and 518 plant taxa (cover-abundance). We provide examples in the R language to query the database.
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