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Title: Font Màgica de Montjuïc (1929)
Authors: Barcelona Cicle de l'Aigua, S.A.
Contributors: Higuera Martínez, José Miguel de la
Creation date: 1929
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: Sculptures and monuments
Spatial coverage: Barcelona. District 3. Sants-Montjuïc
Montjuïc, Park (Barcelona)
Terms of use: Public Domain
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Location: BCNROCDF_1
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Ambassadeurs-001.jpg2,84 MBJPEG
Ambassadeurs-002.jpg2,61 MBJPEG
Ambassadeurs-003.jpg2,88 MBJPEG
Av-M-Cristina-001.jpg14,71 MBJPEG
Av-M-Cristina-002.jpg11,23 MBJPEG
Av-M-Cristina-003.jpg13,82 MBJPEG
Av-M-Cristina-004.jpg9,9 MBJPEG
Av-M-Cristina-005.jpg15,25 MBJPEG
Cascada 2+Palau-N.jpg18,32 MBJPEG
Cascada 3+Palau-N.jpg11,59 MBJPEG
Cascada-2-001.jpg16,92 MBJPEG
Cascada-3-001.jpg13,95 MBJPEG
Cascada-3-002.jpg12,84 MBJPEG
Cascada-3-003.jpg9,03 MBJPEG
Cascada-4-001.jpg16,46 MBJPEG
Cascada-4-002.jpg17,28 MBJPEG
Cascades-3i4-001.jpg13,79 MBJPEG
Cascades-3i4-002.jpg18,61 MBJPEG
Conjunt-Montjuïc-001.jpg14,14 MBJPEG
Eix-Montjuïc-003-trencat.jpg27,94 MBJPEG
Font de pilotes-002.jpg13,91 MBJPEG
Font illa recta Estadi.jpg3,96 MBJPEG
Font lateral Pl-Buigas.jpg5,16 MBJPEG
Font lateral-Pl Buigas.jpg9,5 MBJPEG
Font pilotes i cascades.jpg11,85 MBJPEG
Font Pl-S-Jordi.jpg9,64 MBJPEG
Fonteta darrere PN.jpg11,6 MBJPEG
Fonts sota P-Caixa-dia.jpg12,83 MBJPEG
Gran Font dia-001.jpg7,92 MBJPEG
Gran Font-001.jpg19,53 MBJPEG
Gran Font-002.jpg17,78 MBJPEG
Gran Font-003.jpg14,62 MBJPEG
Gran Font-004.jpg8,21 MBJPEG
Gran Font-005.jpg7,45 MBJPEG
Gran Font-006.jpg7,38 MBJPEG
Gran Font-007.jpg14,16 MBJPEG
Lateral Avinguda-001.jpg17,48 MBJPEG
Lateral Avinguda-003.jpg4,41 MBJPEG
Palau Metalurgia.jpg13,59 MBJPEG
P-Buigas-013.jpg3,93 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-001.jpg14,04 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-002.jpg12,27 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-003.jpg10,37 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-004.jpg11,14 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-005.jpg14,03 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-006.jpg13,12 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-007.jpg15,44 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-008.jpg18,64 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-009.jpg18,94 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-010.jpg11,8 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-011.jpg5,61 MBJPEG
Plaça Buigas-012.jpg5,24 MBJPEG
Primera Font Montjuïc-007.jpg10,91 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-001.jpg10,84 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-002.jpg12,36 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-003.jpg3,4 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-004.jpg10,29 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-005.jpg8,99 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-006.jpg8,64 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-007.jpg11,27 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-008.jpg10,77 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-009.jpg13,53 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-010.jpg11,51 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-011.jpg16,16 MBJPEG
P-Univers-1929-012.jpg13,63 MBJPEG

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